Short Guide to Choosing the Best TikTok Promotion


It is always hard to find the best deal on the market. The best sweater, the best Air Jordans, you need to check prices, compare options. Lots of work. That’s why we like item-compilations, the websites with price-comparison, and various bloggers to decide on our behalf what to buy. However, if you are a content-creator, it is not always a wise decision to follow the directions blindfolded. In this case you have to decide for yourself, what to choose. So, if you were looking for the best TikTok promotion, this article will help you.

There are three main things to look at: price, website, reviews. Let’s go over the price first. You probably want to pay as low amount as possible, and I totally respect that. However, the lowest prices usually yield the worst result. If you don’t want bots and fake activity on your account, you better ignore cheap promotion services. Also, such cheap services usually tend to be a scam - they take your money and never deliver. It is always better to shoot for the average price or little bit below average, and sleep calmly, knowing that you will get all you paid for. There is also no need to pay the biggest price, because such services usually have no particular advantages over the cheaper services.

Next - website. The quality of the website is crucial. You should never choose a website with bad interface, weird color scheme, awful usability, and cheap animations. The design should be modern and well-made. If you see something from 1990’s then it is not your choice. The better the website - the better the promotion. The website shows how serious the company is, and how it treats its clients. All those scammy services have awful websites and low prices, so beware of them. And one last thing about the website - payment window. It shouldn’t be redirection to another shady, weird-looking website. If you see a redirection to a website with another address - that’s a scam. If you don’t see familiar payment-operators - ignore it.

The last but not the least - reviews. Always check the reviews. They, obviously, should be positive. The preferable percentage of positive reviews should be around 90-95. There is almost no chance that the service has satisfied every client they had. There will always be a person, who was waiting for something more. Such people are always there, and they usually leave the longest reviews. But check positive reviews for their “humanity”. If you see only five-star reviews with no words attached, or those words are meaningless, then those may be fake reviews.

So, now you know the basics. I am sure that you will choose the right service, and your career will really benefit from it. Can’t wait to see your videos in my feed. Or maybe I am your followers and viewer already?

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