CT3 Promotes Andréa Martinez to Chief of Staff


Andréa Martinez

Andréa Martinez Brings 25 Years of Expertise to Position

CT3, one of the nation’s leading teacher training, coaching and education leadership organization, today announced the promotion of Andréa Martinez to chief of staff. She was previously executive assistant to CT3’s former CEO Dr. Kristyn Klei Borrero. CT3, which serves schools and districts around the country, focuses on improving the quality and culture of education for youth, especially students in traditionally disenfranchised communities. Martinez will report to the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer, Nataki Gregory, Ed.D.

As chief of staff, Martinez will interact with CT3’s cross-functional teams to promote the growth of student scholars through their interaction with peers, teachers and educational resources in remote and in-classroom learning environments. Among her chief responsibilities: 

  • Prioritize Dr. Gregory’s schedule and serve as a sounding board and advisor.
  • Collaborate with CT3’s executive team to advance the organization’s coaching methodology, strategic educational goals, special projects and communications campaigns.
  • Streamline processes to ensure that the organization’s mission is carried out efficiently and with maximum impact.
  • Help identify next steps and project owners with the long-range goal of building bridges, implementing an internal communications paradigm, and resolving work-related conflict.

“I feel unbelievably privileged to serve as chief of staff for a team so committed to helping teachers strengthen their connection to students by understanding their students in the context of culture and community,” Martinez says. “This is the first time in my career that my skills, personal ideals and organizational mission are aligned to bring about lasting social, educational and cultural change all through an anti-racist lens.”

Martinez was previously an executive assistant and a business unit administrator with Western Union, where she supported the senior vice president of marketing as well as a team of some 50 marketers across the U.S.

“Andréa’s experience supporting the CEO over the past two and a half years has prepared her to take on the chief of staff role,” says Dr, Gregory. “She will serve as the catalyst to organize internal systems, create more transparency, identify and close gaps and increase collaboration towards goals across the organization."

About CT3

Founded in 2009, CT3 — short for the Center for Transformative Teacher Training — delivers transformative classroom engagement and leadership coaching through its evidence-based No-Nonsense Nurturer® model and its uniquely powerful Real Time Teacher Coaching® programs. CT3's efforts have moved the needle in hundreds of schools across the country, resulting in double-digit decreases in out-of-school suspensions, gains in graduation rates, and increased teacher retention.

In addition to implementing an anti-racism curriculum, CT3 has launched Virtual Real Time Teacher Coaching, a body of work to support teachers with their transition from traditional to virtual classroom settings.

CT3 serves schools and districts around the country. The organization is adept at immediately and sustainably shifting practices and improving school quality. Just as importantly, CT3 has achieved a level of racial diversity and equity that few education companies can claim, with 60 percent people of color and 65 percent women. To learn more about CT3, visit www.ct3education.com.

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