Lucid Sight Acquires Colyseus Game Engine


LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, independent game studio Lucid Sight, developer of games such as MLB Champions and CSC featuring Star Trek, has acquired the popular open-source multiplayer game engine Colyseus. Lucid Sight will be taking over the Colyseus brand, GitHub, and all social and support channels. Lucid Sight will also be launching a cloud-hosted service to further support Colyseus developers. The creator of Colyseus, Endel Dreyer, will be joining the Lucid Sight team.

Lucid Sight will continue to add to the Colyseus open-source library of features in conjunction with the open-source community. “Downloaded by over 250,000 developers and studios, Colyseus is at the core of thousands of multiplayer projects and games. Over 3,000 developers are active in Colyseus’s community channels, with many contributing to the project,” said Fazri Zubair, CTO of Lucid Sight. “Colyseus is the gold standard for open-source multiplayer game server engines. With the updates we are bringing to the Colyseus framework, we will be helping game developers ‘get to fun faster,’ letting them spend more time iterating their game mechanics and less time optimizing/implementing server code.”

Colyseus’s proven track record of reliability and scalability has been battle-tested over its 5+ year history, making it an easy choice for developers looking to make their next hit multiplayer game. Games such as Bubblebox's Raft Wars, a turn-based physics shooter, uses Colyseus as the multiplayer solution with its servers currently hosting up to 250,000 Monthly Active Users and processing 500,000,000 requests each month. Hammerplay Studios’ latest game Battle Legends, a battle royale pick-up-and-play shooter, has entrusted their real-time infrastructure to Colyseus. Battle Legends recently hit over 5,000 Concurrent Users during a soft launch and will soon be released on iOS, Android, and HTML5. Finally, Ravalmatic, a game development studio with over 100 titles, has used Colyseus for several of their multiplayer games. These are just a few examples of the thousands of projects built on Colyseus, which have seen millions of Monthly Active Users and have processed billions of monthly requests.

Beginning today, Lucid Sight is accepting sign-ups for a cloud-hosted version of Colyseus called Colyseus Arena that will launch later in the month. Colyseus Arena will be ideal for multiplayer game developers who want the power of Colyseus’ authoritative server Node.js engine but would prefer to offload the server hosting complexities so they can focus on game design.

“Lucid Sight has been big fans of Colyseus for years and we use it in all of our multiplayer games. It is a great honor to take over the project and secure the future of open-source multiplayer game development,” said Randy Saaf, Lucid Sight CEO. “Colyseus Arena will be a batteries-included, cloud-hosted multiplayer engine where a game developer can start with a template for, say a gallery shooter game, and can have a version up and running in a few hours. We want Colyseus Arena to democratize multiplayer game server engines the way Unity democratized 3D graphics in 2006. Colyseus Arena will be the first multiplayer server engine that can be deployed without a networking engineer.”

About Lucid Sight

Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Randy Saaf, Octavio Herrera, and Fazri Zubair. Lucid Sight is known for developing games on the cutting-edge of technology such as VR and Blockchain. Lucid Sight has developed games across platforms such as PlayStation, iOS, Android, Oculus VR, and PC. First-party titles include MLB Champions, CSC, HeroCade, Polyrunner, and many others. Prior to Lucid Sight, Saaf and Herrera co-founded Jirbo with Jonathan Zweig and had 14 of the first 100 free iOS games. Jirbo went on to become the premium ad network, AdColony. In addition to running Lucid Sight, Saaf and Herrera sit on the Board of Directors of AppOnboard, maker of the no-code game engine Buildbox.

About Colyseus

Colyseus is the fastest growing open source multiplayer game engine in the world with over 5,000 projects started each month and 3,000 developers active in social channels. Colyseus was started in 2015 by Endel Dreyer out of his desire for an easy server authoritative multiplayer framework for Node.js to power his own games.

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