Citybiz Interview with Andrei Papancea, CEO of NLX


Andrei Papancea

Andrei is the CEO of NLX Inc, a technology startup he co-founded in 2018 to solve the problems of centralized operations and scaling of conversational AI applications.

His technical expertise spreads across the stack from low-level OS and distributed systems all the way to frontend engineering.

Prior to NLX, he built American Express’ Natural Language Understanding platform, that processes hundreds of thousands of chats per month. After AmEx, Andrei was a Director of Engineering at Argo Group, a publicly-traded company, where he established engineering governance processes and helped the company's move to the public cloud.

Since 2016, he has been giving lectures and designing assignments for the Cloud Computing classes at Columbia University's and NYU's graduate schools of engineering.

Interview Questions

Early Career | Tell us about your childhood in Romania, your early interest in programming and the journey to the United States?

Career | Can you tell us more about your stint at American Express and the decision to start NLX?

NLX | Can you provide an elevator pitch and some of the key milestones since starting the company?

Conversational AI | What is Conversational AI?

Voice Compass | Please describe Voice Compass and how it incorporates AI? What are the key features?

Team | NLX recently hired Dr. Joan Bajorek as Head of User Research. Can you tell us about her background and the backgrounds of other key team members?

Market | What has been your go-to-market strategy?

Accelerator | Last year you were part of the C5 Accelerate program. Can you tell us more about the program and its impact?

Clients | Can you share some of your clients?

Capital | What are your future funding raising plans?

The Future of Voice Tech | What is the future of voice tech and what role will NLX play?

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